08/04/2010 8:02am

Thanks for the tour! You have done an excellent job. Very nice!!

08/06/2010 7:35am

This is wonderful!
I have posted a link on both VHS sites...

We love you!

John Underwood

08/06/2010 7:37am

Just in case - here is another link for this blog.

I am very proud of you -

John Underwood

08/26/2010 9:03am

the decor...i like it...great job

09/01/2010 12:26pm

Finally! A place to stay in Victoria...with Internet! We visit relatives (David Wingold and Taylor and Nancy Lafoon) now and then and have to stay in South Hill so we can have Internet access. Look forward to staying there in the near future.

10/20/2010 2:09pm

Enjoyed the extended stay. Was able to strecth out in the suite with laptop etc and do my own cooking. Better than a traditional B&B as I loved the fact I could come and go as I pleased and not interupt the inn keepers. Great idea and will recommend to others! Love your town! Folks are the nicest! Uptown Coffee Cafe food and atmosphere is awesome!

Dale & Heather
11/05/2010 1:29pm

Thanks for the kindness & a great place to stay! Thanks for the opportunity to say here in Victoria. You guys are doing a great job! You have a really neat shop and Inn. May God Bless you!

Brookneal VA

11/05/2010 1:31pm

Thanks for the wonderfully quiet stay. Phil & I enjoyed ourselves immensely sitting at the bar table chatting over the days events.

Chesterfield Va

Whitney & Robert
11/05/2010 1:35pm

The Inn was great! Wonderful location. We were close to where we needed to go and the people we needed to see. The food downstairs at the Uptown Coffee Cafe was wonderful both times we ate there. The Inn was a nice quiet stay and also a fun place to stay. Thank you.

Charlotte NC

11/22/2011 9:31pm

Very nicely created website..the decor looks so nice--surely alot of folks will want to come stay here...looks comfy and inviting and very peaceful. Great job with your cafe too.Ya'll have really gone the extra mile to make it a great place for fresh great quality food items and very good service.

11/26/2012 7:01pm

seems like a great hotel, hopefully one day i can stop by. :)

Kevin & Katrina Eisenhauer
11/11/2013 9:08am

Katrina and I enjoyed a restful night at the Uptown Inn after a 30 mile bike ride at High Bridge State Park nearby. Your inn was definitely a great find and we thoroughly enjoyed our short stay. A return trip will definitely be in order. Thanks again.


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